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13x10 Journal Blank Sketchbook

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13x10 Journal Blank Sketchbook

Sold out


  • semi waxed buffalo hide leather

Buffalo hide is a firmer and generally thicker leather that wil soften with time and use. Our semi waxed buffalo hide is particularly special as it ready for use but not yet completely buffed.

  • full-grain leather
  • button, Large and secure coin compartment
  • 2-fold portrait
  • 8 cards slots + id card slot with clear screen
  • size : 11 1/2 (l) x 8 3/4 (h) x 7 cm (w) (temporarily)
  • handmade

also available :
in calf leather and black cowhide nappa leather (temporarily)

style no. 10275
designed by RUST.Sydney, Australia. 


13x10 Journal Blank Unlined Sketchbook

Features a large single piece of Semi-Waxed Buffalo Leather bound by hand to thick handmade paper suitable for writing, drawing, sketching and painting.

User-refillable, and also available in other standard sizes.